Wang 2200 Diskettes

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Tue Mar 3 18:51:25 CST 2020

On 3/3/20 4:26 PM, Joe George wrote:
> Yup! Single sided, single density, 32 hard sectors. And the Wang 2200 had apparently some weird insert orientation, the “Wang” labels are on the back of the diskettes, opposite side of the manufacturer sticker. 
> Cheers,

My recollection is that the 8" floppy drives (in a lowboy floor-standing
unit) were vertically mounted and placed to the right of the operator.
The floppy eject button was then closest to the operator and any disk
inserted would be visible from the "rear" of the floppy.

Not nearly as weird as the Altos ACS8000, for example, that mounted the
floppy drives upside-down and horizontally, such that the eject button
was topmost.  Those disks do have content labels placed on what we'd
consider the "backside" of the floppy for obvious reasons.

Did any 5.25" floppy-equipped systems do this?


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