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Joseph Zatarski joezatarski at
Tue Mar 3 07:22:40 CST 2020

>> Hi.
>> I forgot to mention it’s an eye phone
>> 11 PRO 256gb.
> I may be missing something -- *what's* an "eye phone"? I thought you
> were listing vintage kit, not smartphones?
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I believe Kevin replied to the wrong e-mail by mistake. He must be 
selling something himself and had a similar subject line.

That said, no hits on my post yet? what, nobody needs nubus ethernet 
cards? or various ISA/PCI/PCI-X expansion cards? a dozen computer mice? 
DEC Alpha 4100 RAM? some nice combination SCSI/fastethernet cards?

OK, I get that it's mostly junk ;), but no attention at all so far. Keep 
checking, getting more stuff in the list every day. I added a recent 
section so people can keep up on the recent additions without having to 
check the whole list.

As before, I'm in the west suburbs of chicago in case anyone is local 
and sees some stuff they want.

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