What is this System 360 peripheral/maintenance console?

steven at malikoff.com steven at malikoff.com
Tue Mar 3 04:40:29 CST 2020

> On Mon, Mar 2, 2020 at 10:51 AM Chuck Guzis via cctalk <
>> Will's right - the 16-bit register display should have been a tipoff.
>> See http://www.dvq.com/1800/1800.htm for lots of images.
>> 1800->industrial control version of the 1130.
>> --Chuck
> Thank you, I will update how I have it documented on the web site.  I have
> a lot of 1800 docs, maybe I can find the actual hardware there.
> Bill

Thanks everyone. I saw the 360 black and chrome knobs and black tipped switches and started
searching '360' things, hence the question.


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