Wang 2200 Diskettes

Joe George jgeorge at
Sun Mar 1 17:21:45 CST 2020

I bought some 8” diskette cases and they arrived with a bunch of old software for a Wang 2200 in them. One of the boxes HP was badly water damaged, and the diskettes are shot, but those look like backups of some company software. Diskettes that look like they may still viable include 2 marked “WANG 2200 MVP Operating System v2.6.2” and one marked “2200 MVP (Multi-user) BASIC-2 System Platter Release 2.5”.  There’s also a box of diskettes of what look like source for something “GBS Mod 1 Diskette Version”.

I’m not a Wang person and I can’t use these diskettes for anything, does anyone on the list have any interest in them? Is the software worth rescuing or is it already archived somewhere? 

If anyone wants them, drop me an email off list. Gimme a couple of bucks to cover shipping and I’ll send you all the ones that look viable.


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