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Joseph Zatarski joezatarski at
Sun Mar 1 10:15:42 CST 2020

Hello Everyone,

I recently moved and just got my storage unit of stuff transported to 
the new house. I'm starting to go through it all because I know there's 
a good mixture of stuff I want and stuff I don't want but may be useful 
to someone else.

I've started inventorying a lot of the stuff I'd like to pass on here:

I'm not looking to get much out of any of this, pretty much just recover 
whatever I paid for it plus effort for shipping (generally should be 50% 
or less ebay value, plus cost of shipping). Alternatively, I'm in the 
west suburbs of chicago if anyone local wants to pick something up.

Quick run down of what I've got posted so far:
-a couple DEC Alpha items (RAM and SCSI caddy stuff, possibly a couple 
drives later)
-HP jetdirects for laserjet 4/5 (standalone to come later)
-a KVM or two (more to come)
-Mac network cards (nubus and one for IIsi or SE/30) as well as a couple 
other accessories (Dayna Mini Etherprint, AAUI transceiver, more 
accessories to come)
-misc cables/adapters, if you have something specific in mind, let me know
-PSU - mostly just some random ATX PSUs
-a few telephone accessories (more to come)
-ISA, PCI, PCI-X, PCIe cards (network, video, SCSI, FC)
	-possibly notable, Compaq ELSA GLoria Synergy graphics cards for Alpha PWS?

If anyone has further questions, wants pics, more description, testing 
of item before sale, etc. feel free to contact me on or off list (if on 
list, please CC me, I'll see it quicker) or on Freenode IRC (nick is joe_z).

As I recently moved, I don't have 24/7 internet available as of right 
now, but once I do I'll have a bouncer on IRC 24/7.

Best Regards,
Joe Z

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