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Wed Dec 30 17:35:59 CST 2020

> As I said, I don't have problems sending mail to Amazon, Microsoft or any of
> the large (or small) email providers except for and other Google
> email services.  It really is just Google.  I do have DNS properly configured,
> SPF in place and no TLS.  I can't be bothered setting up TLS just to be able
> to talk to Google when others report that they still can't get through to
> Google even when they have TLS.
> Not only do Google not tell me why they will not deliver my emails to their
> customers, they don't tell their customers why they block non-spam emails
> that they want to receive either.  The most a Google customer has ever been
> able to pass on to me that Google given them by way of explaination was
> something like:
> "This mail was tagged as spam because messages similar to it were spam"
> which of course is complete nonsense.

And just to add on a data point (Bill, I know you're not the enemy here), one
of my personally-maintained mail servers does TLS and the other doesn't, I do
have proper reverse DNS but used not to, and while I have SPF I've never done
DKIM, and I've never had any trouble getting mail to Gmail.

The only conclusion I can draw is that Google is arbitrary and doesn't care
and I'm one of the rare beneficiaries of their arbitrariness.

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