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Tue Dec 29 05:13:51 CST 2020

On Mon, 28 Dec 2020 at 23:50, Bill Degnan <billdegnan at> wrote:
> Liam,
> As I said I can set up a filter but that does not really solve the problem it compensates for it in the cctalk world only.

OK, that's fair. If I stuck a finger in the air and guesstimated, I'd
say about 95% of my email is filtered, and I generally tick this box
in all my filters, so I suspect that most things that go into folders
-- I have over 100 now, I think -- don't go to spam.

In 16Y on Gmail, I've had one significant false-positive that I recall
-- the editor at Linux Weekly News was trying to contact me and
consistently it got filed as spam. That's all I can remember. A few a
month _don't_ get filed as spam, if that.

So, yes, it's a problem, but for me, a small one, and all spam filters have it.

>  If you send an email from an old or incorrectly configured mail server to someone in gmail who does not have a filter ready to receive your message it will end up in spam and they won't get it unless they check their spam folder.  If I was using a mail server that was causing messages to be dumped into the spam folder due to issues with mail gateway authentication/delivery, I'd want to fix it.  Logical that one would want messages to be received and delivered to the inbox of the recipient with the highest percentage possible

I have contacts who run or ran professional mail-filtering services
and mostly these days I see comments that it is not possible to
_completely_ solve this problem, unfortunately. :-(

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