Does anyone have an H11 and need a H27 card? -spam

Chris Zach cz at
Mon Dec 28 21:41:50 CST 2020

> I imagine 16 bits.  It probably had an 11/02 processor just like
> the TERAK.  18 and 22 came later.

I think it was: I dimly remember I could not get an 11/23 cpu to work in 
it with a pair of 32kw memory boards. But the 11/03 cpu worked fine, as 
did my quad width 11/03 CPU with the 4k of onboard memory and the WCS11 
board underneath it.

I should fix that board. It was weird but cute.

> I know it ran HT-11 which was supposed to be a custom RT-11.  Would it
> run regular RT-11?  Was the H-27 fully RX01 compatible?

It could, but I think I used an RXV11 for the floppy drive. The serial 
port and the memory were perfectly normal devices, albeit hand-made.

I think the floppy controller was different. Someone else can try it.


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