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Patrik Schindler poc at pocnet.net
Fri Dec 18 03:29:20 CST 2020

Hello Jim,

Am 18.12.2020 um 09:42 schrieb jim stephens via cctalk <cctalk at classiccmp.org>:

> I ran across a reference to this on FB.  It appears to be from 2008, so may be well known or obsolete material.
> The other interesting info at the end of the article is the contact name and info about someone who restores or works on tape heads.
> Might be interesting to at least contact and ask if he's still around
> http://www.wendycarlos.com/bake%20a%20tape/baketape.html

Thanks for sharing this interesting read! I have a bunch of analog audio tapes, some most likely also very old.

:wq! PoC

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