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> What's Livejournal?


It was one of the first free blogging sites, before WordPress or
Blogger or the like. It has a number of forks, one of which is extant
and alive: Dreamwidth. It's the site that memcached was written for.

I've had a personal blog on there since 2002, and a technical one
since I can't remember but not that much later.

Like Google's Orkut, it ended up mainly popular in 1 geo-market --
Brazil for Orkut, Russia for LJ. Google just killed Orkut, as it does
with a lot of its sites -- it didn't even make any effort to roll it
into Wave or G+ or anything.

LJ's founder sold it off, took the money and semi-retired. The
management sold it off and now it's Russian-owned, but the English
site still works fine. I just ignore the odd sponsored link in
Russian. It has a great threaded commenting system, the basic free
offering is all I need, and because I had 400+ friends on the site at
its peak, whenever I post, a few dozen people with active accounts
still see it, so it gets a bit of attention. It was always more
community-oriented than very solipsistic sites such as WordPress or

> (Don't you mean created by kids who think the existing community is
> boring / irrelevant / dominated by someone they don't agree with and think
> their new creation is going to be cool, interesting and open to all but
> have yet to discover that they don't have the ability to make this happen?)

Also could be, of course.

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