WTB: CompuPro / Godbout RAM 17

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> > Other than "Buy It Now" I have pretty much given up on ebay.  Never
> > had luck selling anything and very seldom had any luck winning a bid.
> > Got better ways to waste my time.
> > bill
> eBay/paypal take a huge cut, you do all the work hiking stuff and guessing
> shipping costs.
> But it's got a market that Craigslist / Facebook Marketplace doesn't.
> I think Facebook Marketplace is going to hurt eBay. Finally a competitor.
>  			- Ethan

Having just sold an old server on Facebook Market place I suppose it must
I also bought several travel cribs (cots we call them in the UK) but all
face to face.
However, I know also know that there are many dodgy sellers of dodgy goods
and there is no arbitration service.
So as a buyer, if stuff arrives damaged its your problem
So often I hear of people paying via PayPal friends and families gifting
service and losing the lot.
There are plenty of alternatives to Ebay. As well as craigs list in the UK
we have Etsy, preloved.co.uk , shpock.
Perhaps one will replace E-Bay but at the moment for many things E-Bay is my
first port of call.


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