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Gavin Scott gavin at
Mon Dec 14 23:00:07 CST 2020

Now I want to know if you have a list of the Burroughs APL
overstrikes, since HP included many more overstrike characters in the
HP 2641A than the ones that they needed for APL\3000, including (or so
I'm lead to believe) all the Burroughs extended I/O quad overstrikes,
presumably to maximize the market for the terminal and/or because they
thought they might implement the same functionality at some point. So
it would be interesting to know what was actually missing.

The overstrike character ROM for the HP 2641A includes 63 characters,
but (IIRC) only something like 21 are used in APL\3000.

P.S. My HP 2641A emulation will be in the next official MAME release
thanks to F.Ulivi who merged it into his existing HP 2645A driver and
got it submitted upstream.


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> That meant that we couldn't use the terminal at Burroughs, because our APL
> had a few overstrikes that weren't in the table.

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