DEC stuff - free

Don Stalkowski dstalk at
Mon Dec 14 10:34:54 CST 2020

I'm listing this stuff just in case someone is desperate for
any of it.

All items are as-is and free. Pickup only here in London, ON.
I'm too old and too tired to run around shipping things.

I'll hold on to this stuff for a couple of weeks; after that it's
the recycling bin.

12 x M594
2 x M971
VT-52 coils (flyback, etc)
VT-100 current loop interface card

VAX PASCAL manuals:
AA-D030A-TE VAX/VMS Primer (VMS V01)
SPD 25.11.4 VAX-11 PASCAL 1.1
AA-H484A-TE VAX-11 PASCAL Language Reference Manual
AA-H485A-TE VAX-11 PASCAL User's Guide
AA-J181A-TE VAX-11 PASCAL Installation GUide/Release Notes
AA-J180A-TE VAX-11 PASCAL Primer
3" DEC binder for the PASCAL manuals

single package of prints:
PC11 M7810-C-1 "11/25/74"
Asynchronous Line Interface M7800-0-1 "75"
DL11-0-2 Installation Procedure "4-75"
LP11 Interface M7930-0-1
RK05-0-2 "72"
RK11-D-1 "73"

individual prints:
DUV11-DA-1 Field Maintenance Print Set "12-13-76"
PC11-0 engineering drawings  "70"

2 x DECUS PDP-11 Catalog 1977
DECUS PDP-11 Catalog 1978

Logic Handbook 1970
Logic Handbook 1973-74
Control handbook 1969

VT100 User Guide EK-VT100-UG-002
VT52 DECscope Maintenance Manual EK-VT52-MM-001 (1976)
RTM Register Transfer Modules (1973)

EC-N4783-48 ManageWORKS Workgroup Administrator & SDK March 1995 (trial software)
DECdirect CD Catalog Winter 1995
ONYX Electronic Systems and Options Catalog V1.0 (floppies)

MAINDEC-11-DEFPB-A-D Feb 21, 1976 PDP11-45/55/70 FP11C part 2
MAINDEC-11-DEFPA-A-D Feb 21, 1976 PDP11-45/55/70 FP11C part 1
MAINDEC-11-DCKBA to DCKBE-C-D March 21, 1975 PDP11/45-11/40 BASIC CP TESTS

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