Gateway Electronics (was Al Lasher's electronics closing.)

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On 12/7/2020 4:21 PM, Al Kossow via cctalk wrote:
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>> I don't think there is any place like that anymore for St. Louis.
> Wasn't there a big place in KC just of I70?
> At the end they were selling on eBay.
That might have be my pile which is in a warehouse "off I 70"  :-)
> I remember going there a couple of times, multi-story building you
> had to drive down into the river valley to get to
For electronic surplus, there was some stuff at a place called Frank's 
metal.  They got the stuff from the Olathe and Lenexa places.  Main junk 
sources there at various times would be Garmin, Sprint, and some of the 
aircraft places related to Cessna.

All the places I went to in KC were gone by about 1980.  Bendix Surplus 
and a guy in Merriam were the best electronic sources.

I bought mainly camera stuff, with C&J Photographic in Overland Park 
being the best place in KC at the time.  Charlie Capen has been gone 
since 1990 though, too.

I might actually open my warehouse when I get moved there, but fact is 
there's little manufacturing producing interesting surplus anymore 
much.  And "Asset Recovery" and Electronics  recycling laws really have 
fouled the water for much good stuff to be had for any operations like 

There's also a place in Independence which gets most all of the "lost" 
freight from Yellow Freight system.  It's not really a surplus 
operation.  Called locally "Cargo Largo".

I really looked forward to visiting Gateway and Bruce @ Electronics 
Surplus Exchange (which among my circle who went every year we called 
"junky Electronics".


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