Gateway Electronics (was Al Lasher's electronics closing.)

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Mon Dec 7 18:52:11 CST 2020

Aek wrote...
> Wasn't there a big place in KC just of I70?
> At the end they were selling on eBay.
> I remember going there a couple of times, multi-story building you had to drive down into the river valley to get to.

Sorry, drawing a blank on that one. Bet Jim knows....

There were a few electronic dumps in STL. One I'm thinking of was a property of abandoned factory buildings stuffed with off-lease or scrapped (not sure where he got it all) electric & electronic stuff, the guy would sell you anything for a $20 bill or so. It was right on broadway & 70 by the historic cemetery. It was quite the place. Everything from Union Electric power station pieces, to barrels of vic20s, to 
11/23s, to pallets and pallets of at&t 3b2s. The buildings were literally falling open. Most walls were gone, 20 foot open holes in the floors, it was most definitely not a safe place to walk around. Many places you had to walk/climb across girders to get to another section of floor where stuff was just stacked. Major portions were open to rain, but you could still find big sections that were safe. I know at least six of the 3b2's made their way to a fellow listmember.

Don't ask, there's nothing there anymore. I think it was a few years back I noticed there was a wrecking ball and the entire building was leveled. That was one of my best spots. I bet the EPA had no idea what was there.

Another of my fave spots was at 40/64 and Jefferson, about a block north/east of the AG Edwards complex. They took in anything electronic, did initial breakdown and categorization, and shipped big bins to china. It was 3 stories, each was open floor just jammed with hundreds of large printers, photo developing machines, hard drives (a bunch of RD50 compatible drives made it from there to fellow listmembers, there was quite the run on those), heavy duty lab equipment, etc. This place was gutted and turned into office space years ago.

The only place I think may still be left is a place right next door (attached) to the big goodwill center downtown. Haven't been there in a couple years, but they did have interesting computer stuff there.

I'm curious if the other St. Louis members knew of these same places. I suspected I was the only one hunting them...


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