Gateway Electronics (was Al Lasher's electronics closing.)

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Mon Dec 7 17:28:00 CST 2020

On 12/7/2020 6:40 AM, jwest at wrote:
> Truly sad.... I don't think theres a store anywhere that I've spent more time in. I used to just sit in there for hours bs-ing with the owner.
> I wonder if "electronics exchange" on the Rock Road is still operational...
> J
I uploaded an obit for Stu Bartfeld the owner who passed.  His daughter 
Lisa ran it up to its closing.   (lot of very old material)

Don't know if the copyright police will grab it and kill the link or ban 
me, so get it while it's hot (if it is even visible when I send this).

I tried to remember the guy who always remembered me (only got there 
yearly for quite some time), I think it was Doug.  Someone correct me if 

for those in Colorado, their address was (that I found now) was.
Denver, Colorado

For those of you who remember ACP and Tom and Dave Freeman, they were 
part of a group of guys who traded surplus electonics.  I always called 
it "schlock" electronics.  That business ran with all of them faxing 
each other (in later years) then emailing haves and needs and everyone 
made a buck selling lots.

Tom knew Stu and did a lot of business with him.  I still remember 
visiting with Tom one day and hearing that Stu had passed away. They saw 
each other quite a lot since Stu had a San Diego operation as well as 
thru their business dealings.

I got Bob Armstrong in touch with Tom to do a buy for one of the rounds 
of the 6120 boards.  After Stu passed, but Tom was still trading and 
selling up to a few years ago.

Amazing what a small world it is.  I'm guessing since retail slump 
caused Gateway to close they weren't doing a lot of surplus to sustain 
thru troughs in the retail biz as they had in the past.


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