Gateway Electronics (was Al Lasher's electronics closing.)

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Mon Dec 7 11:39:34 CST 2020

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> On 12/07/2020 08:40 AM, jwest--- via cctalk wrote:
> > Truly sad.... I don't think theres a store anywhere that I've spent more
> time in. I used to just sit in there for hours bs-ing with the owner.
> >
> > I wonder if "electronics exchange" on the Rock Road is still
> operational...
> >
> >
> Bruce closed Electronics Exchange about 5 years ago, I
> think.  He had his mom running day to day operations until
> she died or couldn't do it anymore.  Bruce lost his hearing,
> so it was difficult to communicate with him after that.

We've had at least two stores in the Boulder/Longmont area that have
evolved from awesome to lame / closed in the last 30 years...  I miss the
consignment area to browse in. Great test gear from time to time,but they
shied away from old computer gear (The CU boneyard / annual auctions were
good for that, but lately have been lame).

On the other hand, we have grown Sparkfun in Gunbarrel now which I can
either pick stuff up in person, or get things shipped to my house. Their
internet reach keeps them in business, and the local convenience of
same-day pickup (in normal times anyway) is nice.


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