Gateway Electronics (was Al Lasher's electronics closing.)

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Mon Dec 7 07:11:41 CST 2020

On 12/6/2020 10:19 AM, Robert Armstrong via cctalk wrote:
>> Jon Elson <elson at>
>> And, our one remaining place in St. Louis, Gateway Electronics has also closed recently.
>    No - say it's not true!!  I live in California but occasionally we drive cross country to visit my family in Indiana, and I always stopped there.  We were last there in 2019...
> Bob
They didn't survive at their new location, too far for a lot of their 
steady customers to drive to.

And for the back story, they were evicted by the landlord from their 
location on Page Ave & about 170 to allow the landlord to house a 
venture of some sort in all the suites in that building.

Of course rather than a long lease which apparently was expected, the 
building and the suite is now empty.  Very sad state of affairs.

There are sales of material still going on from their warehouse, but 
they are fairly advanced and a lot of material is gone.

I was first taken there when they opened, in 60 or so.  So very sad to 
see it close.


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