Help needed identifying old MFM drives from the excavation

Chris Zach cz at
Sun Dec 6 21:34:13 CST 2020

> I'd suspect that at least a few of these were from PERQ systems, given 
> their provenance.  Vertex V150s and Miniscribes were commonly used in 
> the T2 models.  As another listmember mentioned, Dave Gesswein's MFM 
> emulator will image these (and can decode PERQ hard drive formats.)

Probably. I didn't realize Perqs used reasonable sized drives, there's a 
box there I've dug out with what looks like a transparent 8 inch drive 
that I will try to disassemble and get up the stairs next time. Think 
"dungeon" and "Y2" class steps....

> (If you do manage to capture PERQ images, please let me know...)

Absolutely. I have yet more Perq manuals as well and floppies. Did Perqs 
only use 8 inch disks or should I keep eyes out for 5.25 as well?


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