Boot Roms for MRV11-C

Douglas Taylor dj.taylor4 at
Fri Dec 4 12:53:57 CST 2020

The boot roms for the MXV11-B multifunction board can be used in the 
MRV11-D general purpose ROM q-bus board.  Neat if you want to put 
together a small system.

I have a MRV11-C board and it differs from the MRV11-D board primarily 
in the ROM sockets, 24 pin on the MRV11-C and 28 pin on the MRV11-D so I 
can't use the MXV11-B ROM's directly.

Can the MXV11-B ROM set be adapted for the MRV11-C board?  If not, what 
can you use as a bootstrap ROM set on the MRV11-C?


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