WTD - Jupiter Ace plastic rivets

John-Paul Stewart jpstewart at personalprojects.net
Fri Dec 4 18:14:32 CST 2020

On 2020-12-03 9:20 p.m., Philip Pemberton via cctalk wrote:
> Has anyone got a couple of the white plastic rivets which are used to
> hold the Jupiter Ace case together?
> They consist of a 4-point clawed rivet of about 5mm long, and a pin
> which pushes down the centre to open it out.
> I need five of them ideally - but even two or three would get the case
> buttoned up, if not perfectly.
> I've checked the local plastic supplier catalogues and haven't found
> anything which quite matches up.

Do any of these meet the required specifications?


Also, try auto parts vendors.  Similar plastic rivets are commonly used
to hold trim panels in place.  Some keywords to look for are "door panel
retainer" or "bumper retainer".

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