Got the RX01's running and TSX

Jerry Weiss jsw at
Tue Apr 28 20:25:13 CDT 2020

I have run TSX+ since the early 80's.    I developed a few handlers to 
do graphics on a Peritek VRG-Q  and also for data acquisition.

Nothing like like an  J-11, 4Mb and a hard disk to make a excellent 
personal workstation back then.   RXV21's were not a problem as TSX+ 
(>v6 I think) could automatically low buffer for them as required.


On 4/28/20 7:39 PM, Chris Zach via cctalk wrote:
> So I got the RX02 drive up and going with the RXV11 controller. Man 
> it's interesting to hear those old disks *click*. Both work (which is 
> good) and now I'm starting to look through my old disks.
> Interesting issue: Many of my disks are formatted RX02. So I need to 
> dig out my RXV21 controller from some box around here and see if that 
> works. I never liked the RXV21: It's only 18 bits, does DMA, and is 
> quite weird in a 4mb pdp11. But I would like to get this data off.
> I also uncovered my old TSX disks. I have TSX+ 6.5, 6.4, and TSX 
> 5.something here on double sided RX02 disks. Looks like my support 
> contract ran out in 1991, I'll have to see about renewing that....
> Anyone here still running TSX, or did everyone go to RSX11M+?
> C

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