IBM DCS/DCOS--how common?

Al Kossow aek at
Tue Apr 28 20:01:56 CDT 2020

On 4/28/20 5:53 PM, Chuck Guzis via cctalk wrote:
> This talk of old tape brings up a question that I wanted to ask the list.
> I've run into some tapes that say they were prepared on the IBM DCS
> setup (7044-coupled-to-7094) running DCOS.
> I confess to never having run into the 7044 in real life--it always
> seemed like an odd machine--basically, a 7094 Jr.
> There couldn't have been very many DCS setups, am I correct?
> --Chuck

There was one in Washington State that Paul Pierce ended up getting some parts of.
I saw a 7044 in France 15 years ago, very odd looking narrow mainframe compared to
the usual IBM cabinets of the era, sort of like the Burroughs Medium Systems

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