Ok, got the Perq tapes

Fred Cisin cisin at xenosoft.com
Mon Apr 27 14:48:47 CDT 2020

>> Picture 267 is a Corona Data Systems (later Cordata) laser printer.  It's
>> an ordinary Canon CX engine (Same as HP LaserJet and LaserJet-Plus (which
>> had a large rasterizing board in them), with same toner cartridges,
>> trays, etc.).  It connects via DC37 to an ISA board in the host computer.
>> Watch for a DC37 cable connected or near it, and a board at the other end of the cable.
>> OTOH, if he had managed to interface the Cordata printer to one of his
>> PERQ's, . . .     (check with ARD whether that is possible)

On Mon, 27 Apr 2020, Tony Duell wrote:

> Almost certainly a PERQ laser printer. There was an optional board for
> the PERQ often called 'ether-can' which added a second ethernet port
> and a Canon CX direct engine interface. It would not surprise me if
> Bob had that board.
> . . . 
> Canon CX Laserprinter. This used the PERQ raster operations hardware
> to produce the bitmap for the printer and talked directly to the Canon
> printer engine. The printer contains no formatter board.
> . . . 
> As an aside, I converted an HP Laserjet 1 to the engine-only model to
> use with my PERQ. I also wire-wrapped the prototype QIC02 controller
> onto the prototyping area of an OIO board so I have ethernet,
> laserprinter and tape in the machine.
> . . . 
> I am told there was an official PERQ laser printer, just a rebadged
> Canon CX-VDO. I've never seen one,

Thank you
I'm familiar with the Corona Data one; I bought one used for $500 when 
Laserjets were >$2K, and used it as my primary printer for years.
I knew that the board that originally came with it is not very useful, but 
there are other ways to drive it.  I had an ABC DC37 switch for several 
such boards, including the Eiconscript with HP-PCL and Postscript 

But, I didn't know that there was a popular Perq interface.
THAT makes it much more worthwhile!

IIRC, at one time TallTree (JLaser) sold a cheap reverisble modification 
for using LaserJet as a CX-VDO, and a similar interface for SX.

Printer-Works used to provide a lot of information about them.

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