Ok, got the Perq tapes

Fred Cisin cisin at xenosoft.com
Sun Apr 26 21:54:26 CDT 2020

Eliminating one of the LEAST important:

Picture 267 is a Corona Data Systems (later Cordata) laser printer.  It's 
an ordinary Canon CX engine (Same as HP LaserJet and LaserJet-Plus (which 
had a large rasterizing board in them), with same toner cartridges, 
trays, etc.).  It connects via DC37 to an ISA board in the host computer.
Watch for a DC37 cable connected or near it, and a board at the other end of the cable.
The software of the Cordata board is 8088/8086 (PC/XT) only, and refuses 
to run on a 80286 (AT).  Cordata had their own font format, which was 
supported in the POEMS font editor (which could convert some HP PCL 
However, there were numerous other boards for interfacing it, including 
JLaser and Eiconsctipt (which did HP PCL and Postscript emulation).
Follow the cable!  If it is to the Cordata full-length ISA card, (see 
lower right of #257), then rescue the rest of the garage first.
If you are not familiar with them, then be aware the the 5150/5160 FDC 
board from IBM had a DC37 for external floppies, so it would be a SECOND 
OTOH, if he had managed to interface the Cordata printer to one of his 
PERQ's, . . .     (check with ARD whether that is possible)

Picture #279 is two Kaypro 4's and a Macintosh SE.
(also visible in left side of #276)
Not bad, but not as special as other machines.

The TRS80 model 3 is at the bottom of the pile in picture #255

[more later]

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