Fixed my pdt11/150

Chris Zach cz at
Sun Apr 26 18:36:07 CDT 2020

They were interesting little devices. Apparently someone ported 
Multiplan or Visicalc to one but Dec shot the project down. They were 
essentially a turnkey personal computer in the late 1970's but DEC was 
afraid they would cut into the sales of their minicomputers.

So it was sold as a branch office terminal connector. You could boot 
RT11 and poll 4 terminals and a printer, sending the data over a sync 
serial modem port to the home office. Sad.

Fortunately Dec wouldn't make the same mistake with the Professional 
systems. Oh wait, they did, no wonder they went out of business....


On 4/26/2020 6:31 PM, John Foust via cctalk wrote:
> At 03:33 PM 4/26/2020, Chris Zach via cctalk wrote:
>> So I've had a boat anchor pdt11/150 here for awhile. It's probably one of the weirdest pdp11s ever built: An 11/03 CPU ish, six serial ports, ish, and a pair of RX01 drives.
> I remember using one for a while in the early 80s.  I kind of liked it.
> I think the local DEC rep gave it to us for a song for some reason.
> - John

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