Bob Davis and old computer stuff

Fred Cisin cisin at
Sat Apr 25 19:41:26 CDT 2020

Thank you.

Sadly, I never met him.  I am not going to be able to be in the Baltimore 
Washington corridor any time soon.
Give his mother our condolences, and assure her that you care about 
getting his stuff to people who will truly appreciate it.

I hope that you can get a chance soon to do a more relaxed and thorough 
cataloging of some of what is there.

Grumpy Ol' Fred

On Sat, 25 Apr 2020, Chris Zach via cctalk wrote:

> Well, it's dark, dirty, and a mess. Also stressful as hell to be down there 
> in a respirator, bandana, and long sleeve clothes.
> So let's do a guided imagery.
> Picture 1: This is down the first "aisle" On the left is a TRS80 Model 3, On 
> top of it is a crappy word processor. Those boxes in the distance are sun 
> disk boxes. That shelf on the right is full of old 5.25 drives. I could see 
> RD53's and the like, probably MFM and SCSI
> Picture 2: A bit more to the right and more clear. You can see RX50's 
and a 
> really weird computer in three boxes. Also can see the first pdp11 and if you 
> look in the center you can see the back of the perq, a pdp11 in a really 
> little bx with a 4 slot single width backplane, and the Sun VME system that 
> looks like a very large PC.
> Picture 3: You can see the hard disks and that weird 3 computer system. One 
> box is on top, other two boxes are on shelf beneath.
> Picture 4: Fail, not enough light. His old AV gear, probably trash at this 
> point.
> Picture 5: LK201 keyboards, what I think is a Sun2 keyboard, weight IBM thing 
> with a wire and a switch on top. Old Macintoshes in the background.
> Picture 6: Side picture of another bookcase, lot of weird books.
> Picture 7. Close up of some odd stuff. The thing in the middle is a GST 
> something. Blurred, very little light.
> Picture 8: That's the Perq under that pile of wires.
> Picture 9: Closer picture of that GST thingie. No idea what it is.
> Picture 10: AT&T manuals. There are also others, what are they? Perq?
> Picture 11-13: Pile of VME? boards. Are they old Sun boards? Some look to be 
> memory on DIP chips.
> Sorry the pictures suck. As I said, you have no idea how stressful it is to 
> try and take pictures with a flashlight, gloves, and a fair amount of stress 
> overall by looking at this pile. It's all dry which is good, there are also 
> at least 2 Kaypro 4 units there.
> C

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