Bob Davis and old computer stuff

Chris Zach cz at
Sat Apr 25 17:03:57 CDT 2020

Well I'm the one who was his friend for many years and when he died I 
kept in touch with his mom. She's clearing out the house and I went over 
today to tag and review some stuff.

There appear to be at least two Perqs, several boxes of floppies, junk 
all over the place, a couple of Sun VMEs, what might be part of a Sun 
3/50, big weird boards, at least 3 pdp11 q bus boxes, and the like. I 
tagged the Perqs, brought home some boxes of floppies and said I would 
see if anyone would help.

She really misses him and would like his stuff to go somewhere that 
people will care about it and remember him. He was a good egg, and his 
death was a very tragic accident.

I took some pictures, but what of his stuff is important and what is 
not? Who is willing to help me get this stuff somewhere where people can 
care about it?


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