PMI memory error

Chris Zach cz at
Thu Apr 23 22:28:47 CDT 2020

Thanks! I might take you up on the offer if this 11/84 memory is 
unstable. Meantime I'm trying to figure out just what kind of 
performance improvement PMI memory really gives. So far it's looking 
like zero when it comes to disk or I/O performance.

Are there benchmarks one can compile for pdp11's?


(Hm. I wonder if 11/84 PMI memory will exhibit errors when run with a 
pdp11/23+ CPU. Or more to the point if it is put in with an 11/83 with a 
space between it and the CPU so the CPU accesses it only via Q-Bus)

(Hm. I wonder if you can replace a pdp11/84 CPU with an 11/23+ cpu. It 
could be a way to get CIS on Unibus (although you could always go with 
an 11/24 or 44)

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