Kennedy 9800 - Power-up tips?

Patrick Finnegan pat at
Thu Apr 23 13:21:21 CDT 2020

On Thu, Apr 23, 2020 at 11:59 AM Anders Nelson via cctalk <
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> Cool, thanks for your take. I found some articles:
>    -
>    -
> Given this unit doesn't have any tubes, I imagine the motor drivers/amps in
> this thing would simply go to zero output with shorted caps. The PSU might
> blow the fuse and/or rectifier with a shorted bulk output cap. This unit is
> very difficult to remove from the rack it's in so I'm trying to avoid
> preemptive repairs.

I'd personally say that since it hasn't been off for that long (less than 3
years) and since it sounds like you're not interested in taking it apart,
I'd just plug it back in, and see how that goes.

As a minimal step, I might disconnect the PSU from the rest of the drive,
and plug it in like that for a moment, but it's probably best to not run it
without a load for very long.


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