Grinnell Systems

Lars Brinkhoff lars at
Wed Apr 22 22:51:10 CDT 2020

Emanuel Stiebler wrote:
> was just fishing in old memories & graphics systems. We had in the
> 1980's a big fridge from Grinnell Systems as a frame buffer on a 11/34.
> Anybody remember those? Links to any documentation?

MIT Plama Fusion had one, made by John Kulp.  It was connected to MIT-MC
and was kind of a remake of Tom Knight's TV system for MIT-AI.  (Kulp
also made the "space-cadet" keyboard primarily for this system, but it
was also more famously used with the CADR Lisp machines and the
Symbolics and LMI machines.)

The "Plasma TV", as it was called, was first connected through a serial
line from Tech Square to Building 38.  It was later updated to Chaosnet.

Grinnell was a spinoff from Ramtek.

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