Great, my VT52 is shot.

Mattis Lind mattislind at
Mon Apr 20 01:40:33 CDT 2020

> Something else that might help with diagnosis is taking pictures of the
> screen with known, simple elements on the screen.
> e.g.:
>         - clear the screen
>         - take pic if it doesn't clear
>         - type a simple character like a "-"or "1"
>         - pic
>         - type a half line or full line of characters
>         - pic
>         - type different characters on two different lines
>         - pic
> The idea being to find out, from simple known patterns, where the pixels
> end up being displayed,
> so it may be possible to figure out what's happening with the scan,
> whether it's getting stretched, folding over, etc.
That is a good idea. Loop the terminal and create a bunch of "known

Might add that it would be interesting to see one single character on a
lets say 4 different positions. Column 0, Column 20, Column 40 and end of
line. Approximately since it is hard to be exact.


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