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Fri Apr 17 12:06:59 CDT 2020

On 17/04/2020 17:02, Alan Perry via cctalk wrote:
> Looking at the document, my case looks more interesting.
> As I noted, the two sets of appendices are mostly completely 
> different. There are 9 appendices that look like they are from the 
> primary document and 5 that look like they are from inserted pages. 
> Both sets start numbering from "A". There is one title shared between 
> the two sets.
> But the really interesting thing is that the copyright date on the 
> "primary" document is AFTER the date in the footers of the "inserted" 
> pages.
> FYI - the document is Computervision CADDStation System Software 
> Installation.
> So, any recommendations on what I should do?

I have no particular recommendation as such, other than to scan every 
page and to keep them all together: if they started life as one folder 
then I'd suggest that they should continue that way.

If you do that and a "better organisation" or "standard" appears later, 
it should be easy enough to post-process your PDF to arrange the pages 
to meet that new standard.

> Also, any recommendations on a software tool to slice and dice PDFs 
> that is inexpensive?

pdftk works well for managing pages and PDFs. I've used pdfshuffler too, 
when I want a "visual" tool.


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