ICL1501 Cobol manual available

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Fri Apr 17 09:43:46 CDT 2020

On 4/17/20 10:27 AM, Paul Koning via cctalk wrote:
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>> On 2020-04-17 09:12, ben via cctalk wrote:
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>>>> On Thu, Apr 16, 2020 at 10:00:17PM +0000, Tapley, Mark B. via cctalk wrote:
>>>> [...]
>>>>> Tomasz, forgive me but I have to ask. You did note the date on which
>>>>> that announcement appeared, right?
>>>> Yeah. I do not have to look at it again to tell you it was dated April
>>>> 1st 2005 :-). But it is ok you asked, I could have overlooked it in a
>>>> hurry. But, well, Arduinos with 512 bytes or ram, just think of it,
>>>> putting Cobol on it, what an achievement would it be...
>>> But Cobol is just not the same with out some spinning tape drives.
>>> Ben.
>> Talking of spinning tape drives : anyone remember IBM's TAPESORT ?
> Knuth volume 3 ("Sorting and searching") has a pile of tape sort algorithms.  I remember one because of its memorable name: "Oscillating tape sort".

And then there was SORT7 that ran on the 1401 at Kaiserslautern
Army Depot every night back in the early 70's.  The number referred
to how many boxes of cards held the actual program.  :-)


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