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Fri Apr 17 01:18:28 CDT 2020

On Apr 16, 2020, at 21:32, J. David Bryan via cctech wrote:
> On Thursday, April 16, 2020 at 8:52, Alan Perry via cctech wrote:
>> 1. One document is a software installation manual in a loose leaf
>> binder with other documents. It has a title page, tables of contents,
>> etc., several chapters, and then it gets interesting. It has several
>> appendix sections (starting at A), an index, then more appendix
>> sections (starting at A as well), and then another index. The document
>> title and its font match of the second set of appendix sections and
>> second index matches the table of contents and chapters. 
> I've scanned roughly 450 manuals.  What you describe might be the result of 
> a manual update.  Some updates include replacement pages, with the intent 
> that the replaced pages are discarded.  I've encountered manuals, though, 
> where both the old and new pages were kept, perhaps to retain a record of 
> the changes.

TRVTH.  I used to do exactly this when HP sent updates.  I put replaced
pages at the back of the manual, and usually did not refer to them thereafter.
When the binder filled up, that’s when I might consider discarding them.

HP had the habit of printing the update date and sometimes update number near
the bottom of the updated pages.

>> Should I create two different pdfs with different appendix sections or 
>> create a single pdf with both sets?
> Where both old and new pages were present, and where they could be 
> differentiated clearly, I made a separate PDF for each manual printing.  
> That is, I'd have two PDFs with the same part number with different print 
> dates -- one containing the old (original) pages, and the other containing 
> the new (replacement) pages.  See, for example:

Sometimes I have come across shrink-wrapped manuals and later updates, and
scanned them as found.  I wouldn’t want to deny other people the opportunity
to apply updates to manuals, you know?

-Frank McConnell

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