Sun 3 and memory

Alan Perry aperry at
Wed Apr 15 20:51:47 CDT 2020

Hi everyone,

Update on the barn-find Sun 3/260 that I have been restoring and was 
supposed to exhibit at VCF PNW until the show was cancelled for some odd 
reason. The system had been failing to get through self-test because, in 
the memory tests, bit 13 was always set, whether intended or not.

I borrowed a couple Sun 501-1102 boards (8M ECC memory for VME) and one 
of them passes the self-tests and, if I had a bootable device, the 
system is now ready to try that.

But my question here is about Sun 3 memory.

Sun part 501-1102 is described as Sun 3/2xx, 3/4xx, and 4/2xx memory 
(The Sun System Handbook does not list it as 3/4xx memory). The memory 
board that worked is tagged 501-1102 and was described as memory to go 
along with a Sun 3/160 CPU board. I was loaned both boards in case the 
problem was the backplane. But the System Handbook does not list that 
memory as an option for that CPU.

Does anyone here know whether a 501-1102 memory board be used with a 
3/160 CPU?

Does anyone here know whether Sun 3/260 schematics are available 
anywhere like the 3/160 and 3/60 ones are? I would like to give 
repairing the memory board that came with the 260 a shot, since that is 
a better story when I exhibit it and the memory board that I have that 
works now is a loaner.

Finally, will a SD2SCSI (configured as 2 Sun0424 drives), Archive 150M 
QIC drive, or CD-ROM drive work on the 3/260 if I connect them up to the 
SCSI cable for the QIC-24 drive that the system came with?


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