Prime Sample System Releases

Dennis Boone drb at
Tue Apr 14 08:56:47 CDT 2020

 > I just noticed on that I missed a couple of sample
 > system releases.  I have a process set up to dump messages from some
 > news groups into my IMAP server for easy reading with my mail client,
 > but I don't have anything set up to easily reply via the news groups.
 > Does anyone know what's new in the recent sample system releases?

V5 adds the source code for PRIMOS 19.2, and the diagnostics programs,
to that image.

V4 corrected ACL problems in the Rev19 and Rev24 images.

V3 removed additional junk, and rebuilt the disk images as 600 MB
drives, split 30/10 heads filesystem/paging. It also included
enhancements to the wrapper scripts: directory independence and the
ability to run the runem script from a terminal.

We learned that the C compiler isn't quite right in at least Rev. 23 of
the samples (and presumably the public emulators, since the samples are
derived from them), so there'll be a v6 coming sometime soon.


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