pdp11/05 key?

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>> CDC had a memory manufacturing facility in SE Asia, staffed with mostly young Asian women.
>> An older colleague at ETA helped set it up (he just passed away; RIP Carl).
>> He called it the Hong Kong Core House.
> There's a few mentioned of this here and there around the web, e.g.
> http://bjruss.com/SAGE.html
> & in
> https://books.google.cz/books?id=Q7ffAwAAQBAJ&lpg=PA102&ots=nkzF7wQT4i&dq=%22Hong%20Kong%20Core%20House%22&pg=PA103#v=onepage&q=%22Hong%20Kong%20Core%20House%22&f=false
> What I don't get is why pleasingly-assonant phrase causes the great
> amusement it seems to. I think it's a reference to something else I
> don't know. Can anyone give me a pointer?

This might be one of those jokes that if you have to explain it, it looses the punch ...  but I’ll try,

There used to also be something called a Hong Kong Whore House, similarly staffed with young Asian women, but they didn’t make core planes there.

Chris Elmquist 

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