Help installing HP 2000 contributed library in simh

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Fri Apr 10 09:18:33 CDT 2020

If it helps at all,  I run a public hp2000/access emulated system that everyone is free to play with.  It’s been up for many years.

Telnet to
Do ctl m and ctl j till you see PLEASE LOG IN

If anyone wants a personal account just let me know.



> On Apr 9, 2020, at 11:18 PM, David Williams via cctalk <cctalk at> wrote:
> On 2020-04-08 22:47, J. David Bryan via cctalk wrote:
>> The HP Orsay (not Grenoble, as I misremembered) implementation is the only
>> SNOBOL3 implementation I've used.  There's a free SNOBOL4 implementation
>> here for various PC operating systems:
>> Actually, it's a SPITBOL implementation, which is a compiled version of
>> SNOBOL4; see:
>> I've used the Windows NT version for years; it's still my preferred
>> language for string manipulation.  Note that SNOBOL3 and SNOBOL4 are
>> different syntactically, though learning one certainly would aid in
>> learning the other.
> I first learn of SNOBOL4, still have my copy of the green book which was how I first came across it. I know there are various versions available online these days, just been low on the todo list.
>> If you're not necessarily wedded to the HP 21xx/1000 architecture, the HP
>> 3000 simulator and its associated MPE operating system kit from the SIMH/HP
>> site has a number of languages preinstalled:
>>  - BASIC (interpreter and compiler)
>>  - COBOL 68
>>  - COBOL 74/85
>>  - FORTRAN 66
>>  - Pascal
>>  - RPG
>>  - SPL
>> The latter is HP's proprietary Systems Programming Language, an ALGOL-like
>> derivative used in lieu of assembler to implement MPE and most of the
>> compilers and utilities.
> Only "wedded" to the HP 21xx for nostalgia purposes having been my first exposure to computers and wanted to play with it some more. Having lots of free time at the moment, I'm investigating lots of different systems. Mainly via emulation/simulation. HP 3000 is certainly on the list and a lot of the languages that you list there are on the "to play with" list so I'll probably bump it up the todo list a bit. Would be fun to play around with COBOL, FORTRAN and others again. I seem to recall we had a FORTRAN on our 2000F which was my first exposure to that language but as it was under 2000F TSB I assume it was something written in BASIC that either interpreted FORTRAN or maybe a p-code like system or what I have no idea. Was so long ago I have old print outs from it but don't recall anything more about it otherwise and haven't ever seen anything about it in my limited searches. But it did start me exploring other languages which lead me to discover SNOBOL and many others.
> David Williams

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