Help installing HP 2000 contributed library in simh

David Williams nospam212-cctalk at
Tue Apr 7 13:19:24 CDT 2020

First I want to say again how much I appreciate your assistance. Up 
until now my only experience with this system was as a HS student first 
learning to program and never had any access to the system outside of 
that. Learning a lot reading the manuals for the system as well as the 
doc on Simh and from you.

On 2020-04-07 00:32, J. David Bryan via cctalk wrote:
> The simulator executable always starts up with a default hardware
> configuration (a 32K 2116 CPU, no extra firmware, and every possible 
> I/O
> interface card assigned somewhere in the I/O space).  The supplied
> simulator command files change that default to match the Access (or 
> 2000F,
> etc.) hardware requirements, but the changes are not sticky across
> sessions.  So restarting the simulator reverts to the default
> configuration.
> In other words, running the simulator with "hp2100" gets you the 
> default
> configuration.  Running with "hp2100 tsb-auto" (e.g.) starts with the
> default, and then the "tsb-auto.sim" command file execution changes it 
> to
> match the TSB requirements before bootstrapping the system.

Okay that was interesting and makes sense.

I tried your "tsb-convert.sim" suggestion and instructions from earlier 
and where it did work to an extent, I'm now beginning to think it won't 
work in my case.

I have Access up and running and restored account Z905 (the games) as a 
test. Then used the suggested "tsb-convert.sim" to dump that to a tape 
file. Moved that to my 2000F system and restored it. I ended up with 
only 1 file and not all the contents of the catalog.

Looking at the Access doc on the conversion program's dump command I 
noticed it says it dumps 2000/Access "BASIC formatted files" which the 
one file I was able to transfer is where the others are not.

Looking through the manuals to see if there is a different way to save 
the programs that could work but don't see anything yet.

Haven't looked into punch tape with Simh, is that working? Not sure 
punching each program and reloading into the 2000F would be any better 
than copy/paste though.

Open to any other ideas for getting a bunch of programs back to a 2000F 
system... will continue to pour through all the doc I have.

David Williams

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