Help installing HP 2000 contributed library in simh

David Williams nospam212-cctalk at
Mon Apr 6 23:53:39 CDT 2020

On 2020-04-06 22:59, J. David Bryan via cctalk wrote:
> The included "" file indicates that the tape interface is
> assigned to select codes 16 and 17.  So the command you want is:
>   DEPOSIT S 101601

Okay I was only slightly off...

>> 3) Select the A-register and clear the display. Set bit 0. Press STORE
>> and IBL. The contents of the magnetic tape loader ROM are loaded into
>> memory.
>>   - Here it stops. The doc says to use the "LOAD CPU" command to 
>> simulate
>> pressing the IBL button but when I do I just get "Command not 
>> allowed".
> The LOAD CPU command is not allowed unless the CPU is configured as a
> 21MX-series machine.  By default (meaning unless you've changed it 
> since
> starting the simulator), it is configured as a 2116, which does not 
> have
> loader ROMs.  So doing this after setting the S-register would work:
>   SET CPU 21MX
>   DEPOSIT A 000001

The manual lists two paths, one for 21MX processors and one for 2100 
processors. Looking at the notes I thought it was configured as 21MX 
already so was trying that path.

> However, if the CPU isn't configured for Access, then probably the I/O
> devices aren't configured for Access as well.  The initial SIMH startup
> settings have to be changed to rearrange things to where Access expects
> them to be.

Access is set up and running fine already so things should have already 
been configured for it I'd have thought.

> The simplest way to set up the proper configuration and then load the
> Master Control Program is to modify the existing "tsb-reload.sim" file.
> First, copy it to a new file named "tsb-convert.sim".  Then edit the 
> latter
> by locating the line that says:
>   go until "LOAD WHICH MODULE?  "  ; reply "%DISC%\r"
> Delete this line and all of the remaining lines in the file.  Then 
> append
> the command:
>   go
> the end, so that the last two lines of the file read:
>   go until "2754? "                ; reply "YES\r"
>   go
> Save the file and then run it:
>   hp2100 tsb-convert
> The script will start up the IOP (I don't know if it's necessary in 
> this
> case, but it's harmless) and then print:
>   Waiting for the IOP to complete its initialization...
>   Programmed halt, T: 102077 (HLT 77), P: 77756 (ALF,ALF)
>   2754? YES
> ..on the system console.  Enter CONVERT, and then follow the remaining
> instructions in the sysop manual.  Note that the default uses an HP 
> 7905
> disc drive for the system disc, so the question:
>   DISC-0 A 7905 OR A 7920?
> ..should be answered YES.
>                                       -- Dave

Getting a bit late here right now so I'll have to try this or 
investigate the 2100 processor instructions in the morning.

Thank you for your help so far.

David Williams

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