State of New Jersey needs COBOL programmers

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Sun Apr 5 17:05:12 CDT 2020

On 4/5/20 2:27 PM, Neil Thompson via cctalk wrote:
> I'm convinced that Dijksta (and anyone else who came out with similar
> comments were full of horseshit.  In my opinion, it's the ability to
> translate a real world "thing" into an algorithm that is the essense of
> programming, and anyone who has managed to learn (particularly on their
> own, as many of us did) that ability has learned something that transcends
> the language (or tool) you use to implement the algorithm.  When I first
> started programming professionally, we had "programmers" (or sometimes
> designers) who specified the algorithms and "coders" who implemented them.
> That never worked well

Well, IIRC< Dijkstra hated the IBM 1620 too, but lots of work was done
with it.

So, there are opinions and then there is reality.  In that respect,
nothing's changed.


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