So what the heck did I just pick up?

Gregory Beat w9gb at
Sat Aug 31 12:16:22 CDT 2019

Beautiful front panel (1970s design).  
It would make a nice front panel for a DIY Computer.
It is an RS-423 control/switch panel.  
RS-423 is an EIA/TIA serial communications standard, BUT there is no common pinout (standard) for RS-423. 
RS-232 was defined in 1962 by the Electronics Industry Association (now the Electronics Industry Alliance). Control of the standards definition was passed over to the Telecommunications Industry Association in 1988. Since then, standards documents relating to RS-232 are referenced by the code “TIA.” The standard is currently known as TIA-232-F. 
RS-432 was a faster version of RS-232 — BUT it was not widely adopted.

The BBC Micro computer used a 5-pin DIN connector.  DEC used it with their Modified Modular Jack (MMJ) connector. This was sometimes called "DEC-423".
RS-432 was implemented in Apple Mac computers and the Enterprise 64 and 128 models. All other hardware manufacturers stuck with RS-232. 

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