SMD disks

Ethan Dicks ethan.dicks at
Fri Aug 30 16:17:04 CDT 2019

On Fri, Aug 30, 2019 at 2:06 PM Guy Sotomayor Jr via cctalk
<cctalk at> wrote:
> I’m actively working on SMD and ESDI emulators.  However, given my work schedule this is a long term project.  :-(

That's awesome.  I have a number of SMD and ESDI controllers for
workstations and minicomputers.  In particular, ESDI and SMD for Qbus,
in multiple SI9900 boxes (MASSBUS-SMD), and in an oddball 3rd-party
box with a dual SDI-ESDI interface (with a pair of working 600MB
drives, at least the last time I powered it on).  It would be
fantastic to hang emulated drives off the boards I have.

Looking forward to the eventual launch!


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