SMD disks

P Gebhardt p.gebhardt at
Fri Aug 30 02:50:18 CDT 2019

Hi Alan,

>3. The system "ran when parked" about a dozen years ago, but it was left 
>in an open barn after that. How likely is it that the disks will work 
>and be readable? One is a Fujitsu M2333; don't recall what they other 
>one is.

Alan, I have a few of these drives of which two were stored in a humid environment before I got them. There was rust everywhere... After a bit of cleaning, they both worked fine, formatting and checking was successful. In my experience, the 8" Fujitsu SMD drives are rock-solid, all of my drives work, never had issues, even after years of storage. It's a very different story with the 10.5" Fujitsu Super Eagles...

Talking about such drives, did anybody ever come across some manuals for the Super Eages M2361A? There are M2351 Eagle manuals online, but not for the Super Eagles which are different. Never came across a paper version, either.

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