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> My Sun 3/260 came with a pair of 8-inch SMD disks in a separate cabinet.
> 1. Anyone have a pointer to docs that describe cabling and configuring
> SMD disks? My Google-fu has failed here.
> 2. The system came with no cables (external cables between cabinets).
> Are these standard cables or will they be Sun-specific?
> 3. The system "ran when parked" about a dozen years ago, but it was left
> in an open barn after that. How likely is it that the disks will work
> and be readable? One is a Fujitsu M2333; don't recall what they other
> one is.
> alan

It has been over 5 years now since I had a Sun 4/280. I gave that away
to someone else on the list.

That system had an Xylogics 7053 SMD controller with a couple of
Hitachi 900MB DK815-10 SMD-E ~8-inch drives. I forget the details now.
>From a quick look online the Xylogics 7053 SMD controller has a CMD
port, and a DATA 0,1 and a DATA 2,3 port. If I remember right the CMD
port was cabled to the CMD in port of the first drive, then the CMD
out port of the first drive was cabled to the CMD in port of the
second drive, then the CMD out port of the second drive was
terminated. The DATA 0,1 port must have had a Y-cable that was split
to the DATA ports of each drive.

There were other Xylogics SMD controllers as well. Which controller do
you have in your system?

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