Too many DEC binders

shadoooo shadoooo at
Sun Aug 25 16:52:08 CDT 2019

yes, bitsavers and the efforts of Al are invaluable!
Considering that I'm referring only to DEC PDFs, but the archive is indeed
far more vast then this, the time to maintain all of it is way over what
normal people would dedicate to free time jobs... simply that could mean
that Al is a superhero itself? :)

On the other side, for ignorant people like me, not knowing exactly what
and where find the right document, browsing over the sea of documents, and
over several sites (without knowing the exact list of addresses either)
could be difficult...
I really appreciate the folder sorting based of bitsavers, while other
archives with a flat list of files with the bare document code (no human
readable title) really needs an index at least...

I could scan all of my documents with a specified resolution and lossless
compression, even if these are duplicates of Carlini's, so these can be
added to bitsavers.
Could it be considered useful?


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