Shipping from Europe to USA

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Sun Aug 25 12:55:08 CDT 2019

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>> From: Jon Elson
>> I have NEVER had even the SLIGHTEST damage with FedEx, even their
>> ground service. This could just be statistical chance
> This. I once had FexEx Ground destroy the entire packaging of a shipment (one
> of those rigid plastic tubs, sealed closed with those tension tapes) so badly
> they had to build entirely new packaging for it.
> Assume _all_ shippers will throw your item across the room, and pack
> accordingly - because they will.

I have found that if the item is packed *appropriately* in a crate and then put
on a pallet it receives much gentler handling than something that’s been stuffed
in a cardboard box.

It all comes down to what is the item worth to *you*.  Yes, doing what I proposed
will cost more in shipping but what is that cost relative to the value (to you) of the
item and the difficulty in replacing it?

TTFN - Guy

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