Update: Shipping 50 lb computer from Zell am See, Austria to CA.

steven stengel tosteve at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 23 03:19:18 CDT 2019

Well, I knew the computer, just not the city.

It's Zell am See, a small town in western Autria, far from everywhere it seems.

The computer is a Datapoint 2200 - 50lbs, 10x19x20 inches.

I want to get it shipped to Calfornia, where I live.

The cheapest option is to just use local Austria mail, but max dimensions are 60x60x100cm, or
23.5x23.5x40 inches. That would leave just 2-inches on each of two sides for padding.

Best option - remove the plastic cover and mail it separately. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the entire bottom of the computer seems to be a solid piece of metal, like the Apple III = very strudy. The back is a giant metal heat sink.

I think it's do-able, do you?


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