Shipping from Europe to USA

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Thu Aug 22 13:36:47 CDT 2019

The automated package sorting I'm told includes dropping packages from
one conveyor belt to another, and stuff can fall up to 6ft (though
more likely when something gets clogged/jammed up and packages fall
off of the conveyor system).

39kg/90lbs is heavy enough that it probably should be
palletized/crated and go freight.

I'd probably pick a postal service, or DHL as my first pick for
shipping ~50lb internationally.


On Thu, Aug 22, 2019 at 2:30 PM Henk Gooijen via cctalk
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> A few weeks ago I shipped approx 39 kilos from The Netherlands to USA (HP A990).
> At least in Holland, most shippers do not accept such heavy stuff (max 30 kilos).
> Only UPS did … and yes, the “horror” stories *are* true. They managed to drop the package.
> Not from 4 inches above ground, but more, because a *steel corner* had a dent!
> I thought I packed it well (enough), but my advice is: using UPS you cannot get it packed well enough ☹
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> Onderwerp: Shipping from Europe to USA
> How do I ship a 50 pound computer from Europe to the United States? Who has good rates?
> Thanks-
> Steve

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